About Remeverse...

Good things are happening... For Pat, who’s found a way to turn her family’s fortunes around... For Peggy, who’s discovered an affordable skincare solution that performs like an unaffordable brand... For Gail, who’s making new friends in a community of positive and talented women... For Richard, who’s finally with a direct sales company he can trust for the long haul...


Jim Elliott

Co-Founder of RemeVerse, LLC

Lois Elliott

Co-Founder of RemeVerse, LLC

Hallye Terrell

President of RemeVerse, LLC

The RemeVerse Story

The story of RemeVerse is the story of people with a mission to make a difference. Over their full lives, founders Lois and Jim Elliott have built for themselves a lifestyle that millions dream of and few achieve. They attribute their good fortune to a combination of free enterprise, hard work and God's grace. Now, well past the need to create more for themselves, they have chosen to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to others.

At a time when so many struggle, when real employment is scarce and starting a business is hazardously expensive, Lois and Jim have conceived a way to allow everyone, no matter where they start from, to experience the blessings of the entrepreneurial life.

RemeVerse enables any woman or man seeking a new source of income to own a business at almost no cost, selling a product that women find hard to resist, with an entire system of marketing and training at their fingertips. This combination of factors adds up to a winning formula for anyone who is ready to take action for themselves.


Thanks to RemeVerse, good things are happening to people who never expected their lives could "remedy and reverse" in such a positive way. Good things can happen for you, too. If the mission and story of RemeVerse is catching your interest, there's a simple next step you can take right now: simply talk to the person who first introduced you to this wonderful company.


A company is only as great as the people who form it. In the case of RemeVerse, that includes the founders, the executive team and a growing community of independent business owners. What they all have in common is a passion to make a difference.

The values that drive RemeVerse are nothing new. Far from it, they are as old as time, yet today they are often sadly neglected. Total integrity, commitment to service, compassion for people and a real love of life... any company rooted in these qualities is set not only for success, but long-term sustainability.

Important, too, are the skills and experience of the company’s leaders. Lois and Jim bring to RemeVerse a lifetime of business success. They have built successful nationwide organizations in the direct selling industry. They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to guide thousands of people along the path to personal achievement. They also have broader entrepreneurial experience, giving them a more rounded perspective on what makes an enduring company.

President Hallye Terrell has an international track record in the critical field of marketing and sales. She has been deeply involved in the design and development of RemeVerse from the beginning. She shares the vision of the founders, adding her own unique perspective as a mother and forward-thinking entrepreneur.

As for the independent business owners, like attracts like, and RemeVerse is drawing to itself exactly the people who share the vision and values that founders Lois and Jim articulate so clearly.

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